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With Ardex for Equine Dentists & Farriers, your Ardex Mobile App can display a list of horses on property for easy recording & billing of services performed. Horses can be selected by name or microchip scan, and you will be able to view a history of work carried out on a horse previously. You can create a list of standard procedures with pre-set pricing to record to horses via Ardex Mobile, and all procedures entered will transmit immediately to your Ardex Premier database for client billing, with invoice messages pre-set.


Ardex allows for data sharing between clients, which can be of great benefit to Equine Dentists, Farriers and other professionals who provide services to racehorses. A Trainer or property owner may authorise you to download their horses on farm to your Ardex Mobile App and Ardex Premier Database, saving data entry and administration work. You may then authorise your clients to download a statement of charges each month directly to their own Ardex Database with dental, farrier and other service charges pre-allocated to horses, so that all costs can be quickly recovered from horse owners.