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Ardex Premier supports tracking of horse movements, arrivals and departures across unlimited user defined properties and paddocks. Arrival, Departure and Movement Advices can be issued from the system to horse owners by e-mail, with customised formatting and logo graphics. Horse movement history is always tracked for record purposes, with all movement dates listed with comments on the horse record.


Ardex Premier produces detailed worksheets for vets and farriers advising of recent procedures performed and expected due dates for future procedures, farrier services and vacinations. Worksheets can be produced by property or paddock and worksheet reminder messages and date ranges for reminders are fully customisable. Procedure history details are always maintained for horses on farm, for future reference. Photos and certificates can be saved to horse records.


Ardex provides an unrivalled level of connectivity with the Australian Studbook. Horses can be identified and matched to the studbook database by name, breeding history, microchip or branding via Ardex Premier or Ardex Mobile. If your business engages in thoroughbred breeding, all stallion service information can be submitted to the studbook by upload from Ardex Premier, saving significant time and reducing reporting errors.


Ardex facilitates recording of detailed information on horse ownership, and tracking of horse ownership changes. Charges to horses will always be split according to ownership shares, and take into consideration changes in ownership over time. Every owner has an individual card record in the database allowing for recording of detailed information including address and phone contacts, communication method preferences, bank and credit card details, financial history, family and business contact details, discounts and customisable client category tags for marketing.