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People involved with horse training and breeding don't spend all day in front of a computer. If you are working with horses, at the track or on the farm, it's important to have a convenient and reliable method of communicating with horse owners and other interested parties wherever you are. The Ardex Mobile App runs on Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad and is the perfect tool for sending voice, photo and video communications to owners of horses in your care. Attach and comment on race acceptances and results, breeding activites and foaling, all within a very user friendly mobile interface.


Ardex Mobile allows for easy out-of-office access to lists of horses on property or in training. Horse lists can be filtered down to location or training status, or searched by name or microchip scan. Horse breeding history, ownership details, vet and farrier history, race performance history, progress notes, photos, videos and other saved files can all be accessed simply and quickly via the Ardex Mobile App. A database of horse owners, suppliers and other contacts is also maintained. All information stored in the App, and any updates made, are synchronised with your Ardex Premier database.


The Ardex Mobile app allows for quick and easy recording of procedures to horses and review of breeding, racing, vet and farrier history for any horse on farm. For an Equine Vet or Farrier, to arrive at a property and have current details for all horses on farm downloaded to your mobile app is extremely convenient. To then be able to select a horse by microchip scan or name and record procedures performed and products administered to the horse, for upload both to your own Ardex Database and the database of the property owner, goes beyond the capability of any competing mobile product.


Procedures recorded to horses via Ardex Mobile are uploaded automatically to your Ardex Premier database with pricing information for approval and oncharge to relevant horse owners and trainers. For Equine Veterinary practices procedures can also be set to consume inventory items and update stock levels. All procedures recorded and approved are billed out to clients automatically on a monthly basis. If your client is also running Ardex software, for instance trainers, studs and agistment properties, they can import your bill and automatically apply charges to relevant horses in their own Ardex database, for onbilling to owners. It doesn't get more convenient than that.