Horse Racing Software Software for Horse Trainers


Ardex Premier for Horse Trainers is used by leading racehorse trainers across Australia, New Zealand and other countries. It has advanced features for capturing racing information, and can import fields and results from a variety of sources. Ensure that you recover all race-related expenses via our unique race-entry capture window. Comprehensive reports help you manage your team of horses in work, monitor training progress and place horses appropriately.


The Ardex Mobile App is the perfect companion to Ardex Premier for Racehorse Trainers. Record audio and text notes on training and race performance for horses in work, and send communications with attached photos, videos and race results directly from your mobile device to racehorse owners. All owner communications will be automatically formatted to your custom e-mail template with appropriate logo graphics and message layout, and stored in your Ardex Premier database against relevant horses.


Subscribe to Ardex Racing Data to download updates directly to your Ardex Premier and Ardex Mobile products relating to Race Acceptances, Final Fields, and Race Results for horses in your care. These Racing Updates can be configured to automatically e-mail to horse owners using your e-mail template, with logo and formatting configured. Nominations and Weights updates can be added as optional extras. Racing Data updates are currently available for Australia and New Zealand only, but may soon be extended to the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, United Arab Emirates and South Africa.


Ardex Premier is the leading software package for financial management of a racehorse training business. Ardex monitors the number of days horses spend undergoing various training activities, and each activity has a user defined daily charge rate. Vet, Farrier and agistment charges can be easily entered (or imported) and allocated to horses. Race related charges and prizemoney can be recorded from racing statements, and horse owners will always be issued invoices for payment based on share ownership percentage of horses owned.

Ardex accurately tracks all costs and expenses for your business and provides full financial reporting options including GST and BAS submission. The system allows for discounted charge rates to selected owners, markup of external costs, daily charges for gear & track fees in addition to training charges, reallocation of charges for a horse over a date range from one person to another, reversal of charges and owner adjustments, and reflection of GST free services and recognition of mid month horse ownership changes.