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Unlike some of our competitors we have a dedicated support desk operated by staff who have excellent knowledge of our products. Most calls are resolved immediately. We take extreme pride in the level of service we provide to our existing customers.


We make the migration from your existing system as painless as possible. We have migrated data from Equimaster, MYOB, Quicken, Power, Stable-Mate, Myco and Excel spreadsheets. We always move aged debtors balances, owners and their contact details, horse ownership information and as much horse procedure information as is practical. We setup the database with your chart of accounts if available. We can usually turn around the migration of your data in a couple of days.


Because we have such a passion for the thoroughbred industry, we are continually refining the Ardex Premier suite of products. Unlike our competitors we are constantly in touch with our clients seeking feedback and guidance on future product direction. We are able to keep enhancing the software and provide new features on a regular basis because we own the intellectual property of the Ardex suite of products. Some of our competitors have merely bolted on a cumbersome horse management module to an off-the-shelf accounting package, and are therefore completely beholden to the providers of this packaged software.