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If you agist horses, but don't need all the broodmare and stallion management features of Ardex Premier for Horse Studs, then this is the version for you. It still contains all the standard general ledger features of the other versions, but has a reduced price. The straightforward month-end wizard will help you ensure that you get your accounts out on time with great accuracy.


Ardex Premier streamlines end of month billing for horse agistment and training through its unique location status system. Each horse in your care is allocated a location status which is independent of which property or paddock the horse is agisting in, and which signifies training status and daily charge rate for the horse.

Horse location status may be changed from day to day depending on what services are being provided to the horse. Everything is tracked in the system, then at end of month billing horses for training and agistment is straightforward and fully automated. Charges are passed on to horse owners via the Ardex horse ownership system, again without any additional work needed.


Ardex Premier supports tracking of horse movements, arrivals and departures across unlimited user defined properties and paddocks. Arrival, Departure and Movement Advices can be issued from the system to horse owners by e-mail, with customised formatting and logo graphics. Horse movement history is always tracked for record purposes, with all movement dates listed with comments on the horse record.


Ardex facilitates recording of detailed information on horse ownership, and tracking of horse ownership changes. Charges to horses will always be split according to ownership shares, and take into consideration changes in ownership over time. Every owner has an individual card record in the database allowing for recording of detailed information including address and phone contacts, communication method preferences, bank and credit card details, financial history, family and business contact details, discounts and customisable client category tags for marketing.