Horse Transport

Ardex Float Software is the most widely used and reliable horse transport management system in Australia and New Zealand.

Features that will free you to get on with your business

Race Planning Module

Be productive before race day with the ability to analyse the race fields and highlight the horses of trainers you look after.

Tracking Movements

User customised depot lists, driver lists, pick up and drop off locations with job instructions and notes

Multi stage jobs

Bill for single long-distance movement and easier create additional jobs to represent stages of transport, all linked together in the system

Auto pricing of movements

Save time with auto pricing of movements between known locations

Ownership split invoicing

Invoicing automatically split according to ownership percentages. Single statement per owner with all their horses' invoices.

Discounts and late fees

Set default client discounts and generate late fees for poor payers





Ardex Premier for Horse Floats is the software of choice for all leading horse transport businesses in Australia and New Zealand. With its specialised planning and despatch module you can plan horse movements with ease and efficiency. Our Race Planning module is unique in its ability to analyse the race fields and highlight the horses of trainers you look after, ensuring you can be proactive before race day.



Ardex for horse transporters allows for user customised Depot lists, Driver lists, Pick-Up and Drop-Off locations with address details and other relevant instructions, plus user entered job notes, all feeding through to detailed driver sheets and transport management reports. Movements once scheduled can be easily updated with changes tracked and audited.



Sometimes a horse transport job will need to be broken down into stages with stopovers. Multiple Stage Transport features allow you to bill a client for a single long-distance movement, then easily create additional jobs to represent stages of transport, all linked together in the system. This facilitates better management and tracking of long-distance transport jobs. All movements created feed through to relevant Driver Sheets.



Client Billing can be performed at any time (many transporters issue fortnightly statements) and all jobs ticked as 'OK to bill' will be reported on statements issued with a detailed job description including horse name and transport destination listed next to each charge. The system allows for complex horse ownership, with horse owners billed for their share of transport charges for all horses moved. The system allows for auto pricing of movements between known locations to save time. Client discounts and late fees are also supported.

Ardex Essentials

Ardex Essentials

  • Communications
  • Financials management
  • Racing management 
  • No account establishment fees
  • Security and backup
Ardex Premier

Ardex Premier

  • Account Management and Support
  • Advanced Financial and Horse Reporting 
  • Tailored solution for your operations
  • Superior horse management features
  • Best suited to Vets, Breeders and Large Trainers
Ardex Enterprise
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Ardex Enterprise

  • Bespoke equine solutions 
  • Customised reporting 
  • End to end process management
  • No account establishment fees
  • Best suited to Auctioneers and Racing Organisations


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