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When will the funds be in my account?The funds will appear in your nominated bank account within 1 business day.The next business day if payment made before 4.30pm AEST.
What is the cost? Are there any fees?

1.1% and $0.10 on each transaction your customers makes via a domestic Visa or Mastercard, which is automatically deducted. Interchange rates may vary depending on the type of card used. Premium and international cards may attract a higher rate.

Fees charged depends on credit card.

Standard Visa – 1.40%

Standard MasterCard – 1.22%

Premium/Corporate Visa 1.75%

Premium/Corporate MasterCard 1.57%

Amex/Diners 2.60%

International Cards 2.90%

China Union Pay 3.00%

Can the you pass the fee onto your client if you do not want to absorb it yourself?YesYes

Is it integrated payments? 

Yes, you can automatically update debtor accounts in your Ardex database.Yes, you can automatically update debtor accounts in your Ardex database.
Can you direct debit your clients' credit cards?YesYes
Can you put your clients on a payment plan?YesYes
Does it operate as an individual merchant facility?YesNo
Can you refund credit cards?YesNo






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