Many Ardex clients are located in remote areas, or have a farm office and a town office (multiple office locations). Ardex software products have been designed to deal very well with the challenges of remote database access, and sharing information over long distance, often utilising less than ideal internet connections. Microsoft SQL Synchronisation ensures that wherever you are, your Ardex database will be backed up regularly to a secure server in Sydney, and any changes you make will synchronised (uploaded) reliably to all other offices in your business at 30 minute intervals. If your internet goes down, changes made will be stored until the connection is re-established, with no system downtime.



On request we can enable secure password protected cloud based access to your Ardex database. With this Ardex Remote access in place, you can access and make changes to your database from any computer in the world with an internet connection via the Microsoft Remote Desktop tool. The database will perform exactly as it would if installed to your PC, with all software functions and reports available to cloud users. Changes made will be synchronised to all your office locations, and saved to the Ardex server in Sydney. You can perform all ordinary Ardex functions including e-mailing statements to horse owners and sending owner communication messages.



Ardex Mobile adds another level of secure access to the contents of your database from any mobile device or tablet with the Ardex Mobile App installed. The mobile app does not provide all the functionality of your full Ardex database, but is great for recording procedures and charges to horses, checking ownership details, location and history (racing, procedures, financial) of horses in your care. Ardex Mobile is also great for recording and sending training progress voice messages, text notes, photos and videos to horse owners, and for downloading and commenting on race results.



Ardex Essentials now enables access to your Ardex database via a password protected Web interface, using any device with an internet connection. Most Ardex Premier database functions can be performed via the essentials interface including setting horse locations and horse ownership, recording procedures to horses, month end billing and statement issue and owner communications. Contact Ardex to trial this exciting new product.




The Ardex Today service offers secure password protected web portal access to your Ardex database from any web browser. Many financial, breeding and horse related reports can be viewed, procedures and notes can be recorded and data sharing can be activated. Ardex Data Sharing allows businesses to request and approve sharing of information, which can be extremely convenient. For example, if your Vet runs Ardex you may download horse treatment data directly to horses in your database. If you are a trainer and send horses out for agistment, then agistment charges may be downloaded directly to the relevant horses, with a markup if needed.



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