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We are proud that Ardex is the software of choice for many of the leading breeders around the world. With the combination of the Ardex financial engine driving the general ledger functions, and the exceptional broodmare and stallion management features meshed with communications and marketing modules, you are on a winner with Ardex Premier for Horse Studs.


Ardex Premier for Studs offers a comprehensive set of stallion management reports for farms standing stallions, which help identity fertility trends before it’s too late in the season. A database of Mare and Stallion owners is maintained with full stallion booking history, allowing for targeted print and digital marketing and news releases.

Ardex provides a superior interface for entry of horse breeding procedures and vet examination results, developed in consultation with some of the leading studs in Australasia. All information entered feeds directly to breeding worksheet reports, highlighting daily tasks to be performed and facilitating superior management of horses engaged in breeding activities.


The Ardex Mobile app allows for quick and easy recording of procedures to horses out of the office, and review of breeding and vet history for any horse on farm. Ardex produces and sends a comprehensive set of advices to horse owners including arrival and departure advices, horse progress notes, foaling advices, scan result notifications and pregnancy certificates.

With Ardex, owners of horses engaged in breeding on your property will always be kept up to date. Ardex communications generated by Ardex Mobile and Ardex Premier can be customised to include your corporate branding by our design team, enhancing the professional image of your business.


Ardex Premier excels in providing financial management tools for businesses involved in horse breeding. The beauty of running an integrated horse, general ledger and marketing database is that information from one process feeds into the next, with no duplicate entry of information. This ensures that key information about treatment and progress of horses is captured efficiently and billing is accurate.

Stallion bookings contract management with Microsoft Word integration makes producing stallion contracts and invoicing service fees a breeze. Ardex monitors location status of horses for charging agistment on a monthly basis, and takes into consideration horse ownership percentages and other factors when issuing owner statements. Vet and Farrier charges can be easily entered (or imported) and allocated to horses.

Ardex accurately tracks all costs and expenses for your business and provides full financial reporting options including GST and BAS submission. The system allows for discounted rates to selected owners, markup of external costs, reallocation of charges for a horse over a date range from one person to another, reversal of charges and owner adjustments, and reflection of GST free services and recognition of mid-month horse ownership changes.