Equine Vet Software Horse Veterinarian


Ardex Mobile for Equine Vets allows for recording of procedures performed on horses via an iPad or iPhone, or any Android device. The list of procedures available for recording is completely customisable, each procedure has a price and invoice message set (which can be changed on the mobile device), and can be configured to consume vet drugs and other products from inventory. Once recorded, procedures are saved immediately to your Ardex Premier database, and can be reviewed, modified and approved for billing by office staff.


For any trainer or property you deal with regularly that also runs Ardex software, you may request a download of horses on property to your Ardex database. Horse details including sire and dam, date of birth, branding and microchip will be downloaded and stored so that when visiting a property horses can be selected easily by name or microchip scan, and vet procedures recorded. The data exchange can be configured to go both ways, with vet treatment information uploading to horses in the client database once procedures are completed.


Ardex for Veterinary Practices incorporates industry leading inventory management features. Stock control is optional and can be activated on request. The software allows for creation of a list of controlled products (vet drugs) for which all purchasing and dispensing is tracked. The system supports multiple inventory storage locations, and can track inventory held and dispensed on a practitioner by practitioner basis if desired. Monthly cost of sales are calculated based on purchase cost of products dispensed for the period, and stock asset values and inventory quantities are maintained and easily checked.


Ardex Premier provides excellent financial management tools for equine vet businesses including full financial reporting, accounts receivable and payable management, advanced billing and payment processing functionality and solid account reconciliation tools. Ardex Premier tracks GST collected and paid for GST submissions, and facilitates bad debt reduction by allowing for targeted and customised accounts follow up e-mails and SMS messages, with easy provision of statement copies and procedure details for horses.